CORONA HAIR is GIVING away a $50.- (Canadian Toonies) gift certificate to the BEST photo of the Month to support LOCAL BUSINESSES.

So, upload YOUR photo and Vote for the Best Photo of the Month. One certificate a month.  For your special someone! Stay Safe Folks! : Rules & Prizes

Here's the Rules Folks:

We're not terribly fond of rules so we'll make the "Them's are The Rules" short and simple. Play fair people... Don't vote on a pic more than once and don't spam us. People who upvote their best friend's Corona Haircut will be banned to the hells of baldness. If ANYONE posts rude, lewd or unsavory images, they will be shoooed over to internet hell AND reported to whomever monitors Internet badness.
Thanks for playing fair folks - We just want to have fun showing off our corona / covid19 haircuts!

Here is the Corona Hair Prize:

$50 gift certificate. ONE a MONTH to the business of the Winner's choice.

This is the Helping Out Each Other part as we all try to help out each other.

Because is coming to you from Canada, our "mission" is to help out small businesses in Canada... For us here in Collingwood we want to help out small businesses in the Collingwood area and other communities in the South Georgian Bay area. BUT we'll do our best to accommodate everyone who joins our website... no matter where you're coming from: Switzerland or Montana or Nepal.

We're all in this together when there's a world-wide predicament. Corona's gonna be the "victim" when we're all said and done here.

We appreciate that wherever you are, you're experiencing the same feelings and concerns for YOUR community's Businesses.

We get it... Together, we can ALL help.

The idea is to have a "BEST PIC" of the month contest and for the winner of the month..., we will, on behalf of the winner's PIC buy a $50 value gift card for any business that the winner wants to support. We will buy a gift card for $50 for YOU for YOUR favourite business IN YOUR community.

Now, as this is a new venture, that is and with YOUR help, we're trying to think of a way to showcase local businesses' LOGO(s) and their website to show that they're doing OK thanks to YOUR gift-card purchase. Pretty cool, EH? It's a win-win. And it's ALL FREE ! is brand new and we hope you have fun posting your pics. We will all continue to evolve together to keep all of us safe and sound from Corona with great pics of your Corona Haircut!

Thanks - John & Judy